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Friday, September 4, 2009


Fake & True

The truth will always hurt and that’s the main reason I hide it. Behind smiles and laughter deep down inside I am torn apart but hate and lies.
There’s a little truth behind every just kidding, a little curiosity behind every just wondering, a little knowledge behind every I don’t know, and a little emotion behind every I don’t care. I laugh as I type this because I know better then anyone else how catty girls can be. They are the lions upon the jungle and have no conclusion as to why they make others hate the way they look or feel. I admit I was mean I made girls want to be like me and hate themselves for being buetituful in their own special way. The cheerleader that life seemed perfect and always having long hair that flipped in the wind. Over the summer I realized my morals of friendship the girls I hung out with weren’t drug dealers but much rather cheerleaders but still made people feel bad and kill themselves over how they could fit in. It’s not fair for me to say that I was the best but I am getting better.

Ignoring his calls

Heart broken inside. I put some sunglasses on. It covers my eyes, which is like an open door to my soul. It’s mixed up and looks like something is missing. “ I was waiting for the longest time, she said. I thought you forgot. It is hard to forget, he said when there is such an empty space when you are gone.” You tossed me around like a rag doll and expected me to put up with it? You placed me on a petal stool just so that you could look up my skirt. Your wrong and I hate myself for what I thought I loved. I am over and I am done. So stop calling.

Staying up Late

What my best friends don’t know. I’m wild and crazy when you’re around. You put some candy in the popcorn right before the movie is on and while I am still painting my fingernails a hot pink color. We lay upon the soft pillows and I remember when I was younger… when my mother would come tuck me in. Give me a kiss and I would see the beam of light coming in threw the door when she would leave threw the crack of the door. It would keep me up and I would listen to you and dad fight about things. But I look to my friend in the bed next to me and smile and yell like crazy because I want to pretend to be like mommy. A ha yeah just like her mother like daughter like you always use to say…

The Color Red

The dark ages that I wish were sweet and less bitter. I look at you and you look back at me… I smile a little too much then I should have. You’re my best friend that is of the same kind. And in a split second I could careless of what others think. Because I’m in love with you more then any other guy. When I give someone a hug I’m wishing it were you I was hugging its wrong in so many ways but it feels so right. I miss playing pretend and when you would hold my hand. How we would go over to my place and how we use to act like Europeans and give each other kisses on the cheek and now its so much harder to tell you things that if I were five I could yell from the roof top. Bliss is something I wish I had again. But more then that I wish I could tell you what I think about you.

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