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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i love the sunshine of random

Yeah I guess it wasn’t fair of me to just drop it on you while your happy. I got a phone call from Trent and was too upset to text back after “… she makes you happy … I am cool with that.” Or something like that. It wouldn’t be right to me or you to say that I missed up on not wanting to move forward with you. I just know myself way to well. I was so happy well I always am until… I see you because it’s always what if? Wow, but I would hate to butt in with you and your girl friend. She seems really sweet and stuff and you pretty much seem to have liked her. It kills me to just let it all go even though the grown up side of me is like.. Okay we are still friends.
Its like gosh why her and not me in a way? My close friends are like have you seen Trent and then I am like yeah his super but his not you. I remember that I made a joke about how my friend called you something “prince charming” and I laughed and said that’s cute. So when I told my bestie about you having a girlfriend they had said “ His not prince charming his a toad.” I admit I laughed at the situation. I think the problem with me is that I like acting crazy and that’s what Trent is crazy but knows how to act like an adult but still have a good time. I was scared to date someone like you because you remind me of some guy that some how you ended up being like. Ha ha I guess its more of an inside joke. I was head over hills for him he felt the same way I never dated him but we did date other people. That’s why I would have hated to have dated you and knowing the way I am break up with you in three weeks. Terrell told me you wouldn’t wait. I am the type of person that for the most part likes backing off when I get too close to someone.
I am curious and wild yet super nice and out-going. My favorite color is gem green. I have wired food taste! J What else… I have only owned two dogs and one cat in my entire life. I don’t have them anymore. I hate smiling but the madder I am the more I will be smiling it depends if I am laughing. If I smile before I laugh I am upset but if I laugh before I smile I am happy. Uhm… the first year I was a veggie I missed meat. I never told anyone that before. My favorite board game is monopoly. I hate caring cash I never believed in money I am such a hippy when it comes to that kind of stuff. IDK if you noticed but the last sentences were random. Oh and sorry its sooooo long.

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